About us

With over 45 years of experience in agribusiness worldwide and over 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry, both in Europe and the United States, we gained in depth knowledge of these industries and can help you to find a solution for your challenges.

Hein has over 45 years of experience in the agribusiness worldwide. He has been active as farm manager, producing vegetables in greenhouse and open field in France. For one of the leading vegetable seed companies he initiated and managed a structured testing of new varieties around the globe and among other things held positions of area manager Asia, area manager Middle East and Africa and quality manager EAME.

Pierre-Luc is a hospitality specialist with over 25 years of experience. He understands what it takes to make a difference in any business environment. He started with a restaurant in Amsterdam, worked in France and the UK with several top chefs and ran his own restaurants. In upstate New York, USA he founded and owned several restaurants.

  • Cafe With Love in Saugerties
  • Oriole9 cafe and restaurant in Woodstock
  • Yum Yum noodle bar in Woodstock and Kingston
  • Cafe Mio in Gardener
  • Lekker restaurant and event business in Stone Ridge
  • A&P bar and restaurant in Woodstock

Amongst these the most visited venue in Woodstock, NY, this restaurant has become the go to community space and has been featured in four cookbooks and many magazines, catering end large event services. Next to this he founded and owned a catering company that catered for weddings and other big events, had his own food trucks and initiated and organized the Hudson Valley Food truck Festival. Over the last 10 years Pierre-Luc has specialized in creating hospitality concepts, coaching management teams & change management.

From inception in 2011 Moeys Consulting focused on agribusiness and quality- & risk management. Offers advice, support and help to agri- and horticultural businesses like farmers and suppliers of agri- and horticultural inputs, mainly in Africa and Asia.

In 2018 we added hospitality consultancy to our services. We have launched this new branch in Europe and the USA and will extend it to a global service.

We love our work and love to share our knowledge, expertise and experiences to contribute to the industry and its members. 

A strong and winning team works with pleasure, has fun that results in commitment and better performance. We enjoy helping entrepreneurs improve their business through revamping the looks and/or concept and transforming their team into a strong and winning team.