You are a producer of fresh produce like veggies, dairy, meat, fruits and so on.

It is your dream to bring your locally grown products straight from the field to the table.

Be it by yourself or in combination with other producers, each with his or her own speciality and outstanding products.

The other way around is possible too.

Restaurant owners that would like to produce their own products or who would like to get connected with producers of special local products.


We have the experience and expertise on both ends.

Developing special and innovative concepts, setting up restaurants, implementing the structures, hiring, training and coaching of staff to make this dream come reality. Top class dishes served in a special environment with great atmosphere and top-notch service.

Setting up production facilities, hiring, training and coach of staff.


When you are interested in a such or any other project let us know what you have in mind.

We look forward discussing possibilities.

Our approach is down to earth, open and realistic.